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Suggested guidelines for donations

For many years, artists have been asked to give works to various groups. Generally the artist receives noting in return. In 2015 a committee was formed to respond to this increasing trend that ends up devaluing our work. The following is suggested guidelines for donating art work. Please take into consideration that donating work is an individual decision to decide what you want in return for your artwork.
To: All fund raising organizations that sponsor art auctions and sales
As you may be aware, artists who contribute artwork for fund raising activities have become disgruntled with these activities. Some of the complaints are:
The artist does not receive promised publicity. The minimum bid set by the artist is not honored. A thank you for participation is rarely
forthcoming. The artist is offered only a minimal percentage of the sale price, if at all. Artists are not paid promptly for the sale. Auctions have a tendency to devalue a artistsʼ work when artwork is sold way below the going prices of that artistʼs other work. Art auctions have prompted a “bargain” mentality for those who attend them.
In our efforts to promote more equitable treatment for artists, we offer the following guidelines:
1.The artist will receive at least a 50% commission of the sales price. (It is entirely possible that the artist will donate all or part of his/her commission back to the organization thereby receiving a tax break also).
2.The artist is allowed to set a minimum bid and this minimum bid be honored.
3.Artwork is returned promptly that does not sell.
4.Artists are paid promptly for sales.
5.The name of the buyer is furnished to the artist for his/her records.
We believe that if these guidelines are followed the result will be a win/win situation for your fund raising organization and the artist. You may not be aware that the artist may only deduct the cost of materials on any donated artwork. We feel that following these guidelines will also insure that your organization will receive quality artwork for your fundraising activities.
A sample agreement follows.
ARTISTSʼ LINK Memphis area artists P.O. Box 193 Ellendale,TN 38029
This agreement is between _________________________ artist, and ______________________________________ organization. The artist agrees to donate: _______________________________________________
(title of artwork) for a fund raising effort by this organization.
The minimum bid, set by the artist, for this artwork is $________________. The organization agrees to honor this minimum bid and will pay the artist 50% of the amount received for the artwork.
Description of Artwork: ___________________________________ Artist