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Cashbaugh, Eileen

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Cashbaugh, Eileen

Eileen Cashbaugh was born and raised in Hartford County in Connecticut. She has lived all over the country due to her husband’s military career. She settled in Germantown in 1998. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Western Connecticut State University. Eileen has studied with Marilyn Wannamaker and Pam Hassler, and has received collage and paper-painting instruction from Zoe Nadel and Phyllis Boger. She was named “Wings Cancer Foundation Artist of the Year” for 2009.

Artist's Statement
I began painting in 2005 as therapy to deal with illness and the associated anxiety. I have an interest in the relationship between health and creative expression. Painting the single-most therapeutic thing I've done because it uses my mind, my body and spirit. It is the element of mystery and surprise in my creative processes that I find most fascinating. I enjoy making serendipitous and random discoveries. A subject may be in my mind, but once I begin, I am taken in unexpected directions. The process seems miraculous and limitless.

I use acrylic, oil and mixed media techniques. I am also a nurse and a quilter. My background in nursing helps me to appreciate the role art plays in healing, both physically and psychologically. I believe that my work with fabric and embroidery has influenced my love of texture and color. I want the viewer to find their own meaning in my paintings just as I ponder the meaning as I am painting. I want my paintings to be a canvas for the viewer's projections, since that process enables us to learn about ourselves.

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