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Chiozza, Rena

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Chiozza, Rena

Rena Chiozza is a native of Memphis Tn. where she spent her childhood doodling, painting, and dreaming of being an artist.
Her career sent her traveling around the world soaking in its beauty and those experiences are woven into the tapestry of her life and art.

An appreciation of nature is apparent in her paintings. Her eclectic style of painting includes the use of oils, acrylics and encaustic mediums. She relies on intuition and her desire to follow the soft spoken voice within to guide her.

Determined to help others achieve their dreams, she teaches and shares her passion of art with adults and children. Rena encourages her students to create, explore, problem solve, and realize their full potential as an artist. By encouraging individuality she instills self confidence.

Rena has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Memphis. Believing in giving back to the community, she is a social activist who organizes and supports many charitable events. She devotes time to the arts, the environment, and animal welfare.

Her paintings are displayed in private homes and public buildings across the country and can be purchased in stores in Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

chi7 [at] att [dot] net