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Crone, Saj

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Crone, Saj

My first photograph was taken in the wading pool in Overton Park, when I was around 6 years old. My Father set up his Rolleiflex on a tripod, and asked me to take a picture of him and my 2 brothers. I loved pushing the button.

I got my first 35mm camera, when I was a student at UCLA , studying Design. It traveled many miles with me, and I still have it. I studied film photography in Graduate School at the University of Memphis. However, I don't shoot film anymore. All of my work now is digital .

My favorite thing to photograph is nature. That is when I am most happy because I love being in nature, around trees and water. I have a series of images of the 2008 flood of the Mississippi River in Green Belt Park, in Memphis. Five of those images are now in the permanent  collection of the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. And I photographed the bald cypress trees in Arkansas' swamps surrounding Lake Wapanocca for 10 years.

I have done Editorial Photography for Memphis Magazine, Towery Publishing, and for Northwest Air's Passages.

My Event Photography has included Memphis International Film Festival; Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure; Friends for Life; and Live in the Garden.

I am also a Location Scout and Manager. This form of photography has included Annie Leibovitz's Stax Reunion photography for Vanity Fair ; The movie: O' Brother Where Art Thou? ; and American Experience: Fatal Flood - a documentary for PBS.

My passions include global travel (lived 4 years in Kenya), nature (especially beaches and woods), and Art and Cinema.

sajcrone [at] gmail [dot] com
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Crone, Saj
Crone, Saj