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Croy, Jane

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Croy, Jane

Born and raised in the south, artist Jane Croy
has been an art teacher, an art curator, and
an art gallery owner. Each of these vocations
has taught her something about the painting
style she uses and has led her to what she
calls “chunky impressionism”. Jane loads her
brush much like an artist would load a palette
knife and applies the paint, mixing her colors
right there on the canvas. Her unique
under-paintings take the canvas from its’
“virgin white” to a huge explosion of color and
texture. Jane shows her work exclusively at
Artists on Central and guests can often see
pieces hung, still wet from the studio.
Custom commissioned pieces and unique
portraits are also available from Jane and she
can be contacted easily by speaking to an
Artists on Central employee.

edandjanecroy [at] gmail [dot] com