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McRae, Becky

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McRae, Becky

Becky Ross McRae is a natural fit in any wildlife setting. Since childhood she has been at home in nature with flowers and animals
As a retired art instructor in Memphis City Schools, she now has the opportunity to express her creative art in a variety of media. Painting, drawing, bronze and wood sculpture and now photography have found a fresh place in her repertoire of creative art. With pencil and paint and photography she has developed a vital palette of colorful expression.
Mrs. McRae (wife of Franks Lewis McRae is a member of Bartlett Art Association and the Memphis Camera Club. To link on to samples of her photography, go to Memphis Camera Club and the Member Gallery. To find other example of her artwork, go to Bartlett Art Association, and to Member Gallery.

frankbecky_mcrae [at] bellsouth [dot] net
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McRae, Becky