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Soskel, Norman

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Soskel, Norman

Starting at the age of four with the encouragement of my photographer father, my interest in photography has evolved through three home made conventional darkrooms into digital schemes. Application of the same basic photographic techniques allows me to explore nature, the ultimate art form, and to take glimpses or slices from it, displaying them in various ways in an attempt to provide some insight into it. After all, what we (as artists) attempt to do is represent nature in some medium and to portray all the emotion and sensuality (in terms of the five senses) that is evoked by experiencing it. Along with this experience often comes some intellectual commentary, implicit or explicit. Frequently my intent is to demonstrate that just about everything that is natural has beauty, and that everyday occurrences, being a part of nature, can exude those properties as well.

Influencing this development was the 10 years during which I studied the piano, competed locally and regionally in Virginia, and gave several solo recitals, the last of which was in Caball Hall at the University of Virginia. Combining the visual and auditory aspects of the artistic milieu continues to shape my current themes. Integral to my theses is the notion of the fluidity of art and the necessity of the viewer to the overall process.

My profession was a pulmonologist, having studied at the University of Virginia, Yale University Affiliate, and University of Utah where I taught and did research on elastin's relationship to emphysema. That work was continued at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, TN until entering private practice in 1992. In February 2013 I retired from the practice of medicine and currently spend most of my time practicing various art forms including photography, serigraphy, and encaustic painting. Many of the pieces I produce use photography as a basis.
Having attended multiple conferences related to encaustic painting and numerous workshops relating to the utilization of that medium including the incorporation of photography and serigraphy, I formed a chapter of the International Encaustic Artists called BluesWax and teach workshops utilizing encaustic and the other techniques mentioned above.
Specific details of my medical and art-related accomplishments can be found in the medical and art sections of my blog, respectively

norman [at] normansoskel [dot] com
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Soskel, Norman